Car Seat Safety


There is so much to learn in parenting. My oldest is six and I feel like I am still learning every single day. There are many responsibilities that come with having a baby and one of the scariest is keeping our babies safe as they grow. Over the years much has changed with minimum car seat requirements, and we often hear from parents with older kids and grandparents about how different it was last time they were considering car seats. There is so much information and misinformation out there we are here to help you to make the best decision for your little ones. There are some great seats on the market, and ultimately the best seat for you is the one that fits well in your vehicle, fits your child, and fits your budget.
There are different laws in different provinces, but the minimum requirements by law in BC can be found on the BCAA website.

Infants must remain rear facing until they reach their first birthday. There is much research to support that the safest position for a child to be in is rear facing and best practice is to continue to do so until reaching the upper rear-facing limit of the seat. For more information on infant car seats click here.

Children must remain a car seat using the harness straps until they are 18kg (40lbs). It is recommended to continue using the harness straps until the child is also at least 4 years old. For more information on convertible car seats (both rear and forward facing) click here.

Booster seats must be used until children reach 145cm (4’9”). It is recommended that booster seats continue to be used until the seat belt fits the child better without use of the booster. The lap belt should lie across the hips and not up around the belly and the shoulder belt should stay down in position across the chest. For more information on Booster Seats click here.

Car Seat Safety with Grow

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