Skip Hop Love 💙

Who doesn’t love Skip Hop!? We have been carrying their amazing products for a few years now and they are such a big hit with our customers (and us!) that we are always looking to bring in new and exciting lines.

We have a fantastic range of their ZOO Collection, including backpacks, lunch bags, lunch kits, utensils, plates, bowls, bibs, stainless steel and plastic water bottles, all with their recognizable, and super cute, characters on them. My favourite is the unicorn… or the hedgehog… or the dino… actually the cow, or maybe it’s just a mutual love for all of them.

Untitled design-5Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks



Skip Hop also have the baby market covered. The ever popular Diaper Clutch is one of our most popular baby shower gifts, andDiaper Clutch for good reason! I recommend it constantly as it’s been my go-to for the past 6 years (I’ve used it for all of my kids!).

We have a great selection of diaper bags too, with more ordered to arrive shortly. Skip Hop have the most important elements of a diaper bag worked out. They have all the right pockets, come in Skip Hop - Chelsea Downtown Chic Black Bagthe perfect size, and are available in a great variety of  styles.

Bath toys, bed linen, newborn clothing and more, we have such a huge Skip Hop selection that I can’t mention every thing here but pop over to our web store  and you can see the full range of what we have to offer!

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